Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Pics for Laura

Here's more - see post below for instructions!

Abby Pictures

Laura - Here's your pictures! Just right click on each one and choose "Save Picture As". Then you can rename them if you like and save them to your computer! If this doesn't work, let me know and I can put them on a CD!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gorge Pictures

Finally, I am posting pictures. Enjoy.

Grandma and Audree helping set up camp

Zachary's favorite waverunner. We got it up to 50 mph and did some nice donuts.
Boozer at the Red Canyon Lodge woofing down a Lunker
Had to throw one of these in just to make Heffer jealous. I now know that the fatter you get the bigger the spray.

This tree was hit by lightning. Zachary was re-enacting the moment.

This is the view from the Red Canyon overlook. If you look closely you can see the boat and the two jetskiis. If you really look closely you can see that Chubbs is riding the wakeboard.

Dieter in the Dawes hammock which was the toy of choice for all the kids.

The two water-monkeys.

Jaxon's first wakeboarding adventure.

Chubbs asked "Did I get any air?" after this run.

A happy grandma with 3 of her crew.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Gorge

Just thought I'd share some pictures from the Gorge, especially for the Jeff/Diane family who weren't able to attend. We had a great time. Wednesday was the travel day. It always takes a little longer the more kids we keep bringing into the family (especially when we have to run to Wal-Mart for a stroller). Thursday we had our normal morning and afternoon runs. Jaxon was the star of the day getting up on the wakeboard as the youngest Hunt in family history to do so. Friday was another day of skiing combined with a minor monsoon at camp. Mom stole the show on this day as she took her infamous ride on the tube with Ethan dunking them both. It is said the shouts could be heard in Vernal and are actually still echoing throughout Flaming Gorge canyon. Marianne bravely took another turn on the tube later. This time it was solo and successful. Saturday was breakfast at the Lodge and the trip back home where the white Durango defied all odds and rode about 30 miles on mere gas fumes. It was a great trip and definitely worth the 600 mile drive (or in Steph's case the 2,180 mile round trip).

Pictures too be posted tomorrow when our internet connections wakes up...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Claire's Birthday

Hey Hunt Clan,

Here's a movie of Claire's Birthday Cake/Blowing out the candles. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Babies first steps

Last year we were wondering if Texas even celebrated the 4th of July. We had spent almost the entire month of July between Oregon and Utah so we really didn't know. We just figured they celebrated Texas Independence Day. Well, we found out that they do with a serious bang.

I was put in charge of fireworks just to make sure we didn't end up with a bunch of flowers and smoke bombs. During last year's New Years Eve celebration in our neighborhood, we found out that not only are all fireworks legal in Texas, but they are also encouraged. The trick is to not go to Walmart or Kroger for the fireworks because they only sell sparklers and snaps. I went to one of the big firework stands to make sure I got the best. Needless to say I spent my allotted $20 in cash and then some by buying several large bottle rockets, roman candles, and a big ol' round thing that shot off 96 shots into the air (good thing the guy didn't give me a receipt so Diane will never know how much that one cost).

We were invited over to a friends house (the Cole's) and had barbecue and fireworks. It was a fun time lighting them off. It was even more fun given that the Cole's neighbors probably spent a great deal more on their fireworks since they had a better firework show than most cities put on in the Salt Lake valley. The kids all enjoyed the loud and bright fireworks, except for Emma who is deathly afraid of them. She spent the whole time cowering in the house trying to cover her ears so she couldn't hear them.

This past week, James also made the transition from baby to toddler by taking his first real steps. He is walking now and can put together enough steps in a row to walk from one side of a room to another. Here is a video of some of his first steps.

And here are a couple more pictures from our 4th of July celebration.

Now hopefully Rhett (aka Grandpa Hunt) will get off my back for not posting to the family blog.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Apple Pie and Baseball

Well, just baseball. Every night this summer the boys beg me to go in the backyard and pitch to them. Andrew got a big red pat and some wiffle balls for his birthday, but so far he has not been allowed to play with them as his older brothers have taken control of them. Andrew instead walks around with a mitt and as many balls as he can accumulate and guards them very diligently. Once he has a ball he will not let it go.
I usually have to scale the wall in the backyard about 6 times a night after they hit the balls into the street. They are both getting really good which is making the trips more frequent. I am trying to teach them not to pull the balls mainly because when they do it increases the chances of me having to climb the wall. My 32 year old knees are ready to pop. I am just glad we stopped playing soccer. I don't want my boys to be playing socialist sports. It's all capitalism for the Hunt family even this close to Mexico.
Here are some pictures of the sluggers:

Golden Turkey VIII

The time is approaching for the 8th annual Golden Turkey tournament. The format may be a little difficult this year. Any suggestions? I'm looking for cheap flights with my Southwest 'ding' alerts but so far I am being shut out. I'm not sure what else we could do except cut the tournament into a couple of mini-tourneys and just hope it doesn't end up being Heffer and myself. If it was we could meet in Lubbock, TX and find a table in a dorm room at Texas Tech and play for the championship. That is unless Bobby Knight showed up and turned the table over.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Summer

Even though none of y'all (tribute to the Texan Hunts) have decided to post I figure I should at least post some pictures for grandma. So far it has been a lazy summer for us. We spent the first week in L.A. for Melissa's wedding. We went to a Dodger game and sat in the free food section. I discovered that putting salsa and jalapenos on a Dodgerdog made them much tastier. In fact, I had to go back for seconds and thirds along with downing an order of nachos with jalapenos, a bag of peanuts, a bag of popcorn and probably 4 beverages. Steph and I also went to a musical called "Wicked" which is a spin off of the Wizard of Oz. Steph seems to think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread so I thought it should be good. I wasn't disappointed, but I don't think I was excited as her.

The weekend after returning the boys and I went on the fathers and sons campout in southern New Mexico. We had a great time. This ward is notorious for packing up first thing in the morning which to us defeats the purpose of camping so we took a wiffle ball set and got some of the fathers and sons to play. It kept them there for a couple hours, but that wasn't long enough for us. Actually, Steph had mandated that we not be back before 5:00 so we had to kill 3 hours by ourselves. Luckily, the young men's president and his two boys stayed too so the boys hit each other with sticks, climbed mountains and jumped in fire pits for a couple hours.

We are anticipating our trip to the Gorge so we have called off other trips until then. Now we are just trying to make it through the summer. Steph takes the boys to free lunch at the park (thank you Bill Richardson for your socialist programs) and to free movies a couple times a week. Steph has also mandated a 30 minute a day reading rule (as pictured) before the boys can play video games. At night it's so nice outside that after dinner we all go out and Steph waters the garden while the boys play baseball. I have to hop the wall in our backyard at least 6 times a night to retrieve balls. It will be worth it when the boys can make A-Rod type money.
That's our lazy summer so far. I guess it's not too lazy since we already have a quick trip to Arizona followed by a trip to Salt Lake planned. After that I have fiscal year end to deal with while Port will be preparing for 1st grade. We still have trips to Bandelier, White Sands, Gila, and Carlsbad that we need to complete in the fall before we leave the Land of Enchantment for good.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Volcanoes in Albuquerque?

Volcanoes in Albuquerque? Rubbish one would say. Well, whoever 'one' is would be absolutely incorrect. The Hunt family decided to get a first hand look at the volcanic formations that shaped the west side of the Duke City last Saturday.

On the far western side of the Petroglyph National Monument there are three dormant volcanoes. In fact, it was the rocks formed by the dried hot liquid mag-ma (use Dr. Evil's voice when you say that in your mind) that the ancient pueblos and Spaniards used to write their petroglyphs on that we hiked through a couple months ago. We hiked to the top of each of these volcanoes, which was no small feat I would say. Especially, considered the hurricanish winds and the fact that each of us had to take turns carrying Dieter up each hill.

From the top of the volcanoes you can see the beautiful Rio Grande valley, which is actually quite beautiful from this side (if you can see through the dust-storms). You can see the dry, brown desert with a bright green strip where the river cuts through. Downtown ABQ on the south side with the picturesque Sandia mountains to the northeast. It was a very windy trek but well worth the fight. The boys, especially Porter, were troopers and made the 3+ mile hike without many complaints.

We are really finding out that New Mexico really has a lot to it. Like a typical Utah Jazz comeback, though, it may be too little too late.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I am trying to figure this whole "blog" thing out! I think I signed in with Dad's info. Who knows?! Just want to tell you all how much I love and appreciate every one of you. I have truly been blessed to have such great kids (all nine of you) and grandkids (all 13 of you). I have loved being able to be a part of Abby's first few weeks so far. How I missed the feel of tiny little ones in my arms! Now I get to go to Houston and be a Grandma/Mom for a few days. Who could ask for more? I just finished typing a history of my ancestor, Eliza Ann Haven Westover, who knew the Prophet Joseph Smith in Nauvoo. I found out Brigham Young was one of the missionaries who "tracted her out"! If anyone wants a copy of the history, let me know.
I also just finished weeding and planting the flower bed that Steph created out in front of our yard. She did such a great job and I want to keep it up. However, everyone knows how good I am at planting, but watering and weeding --I need help carrying through!
Love you all. Hope you girls have a great Mother's day. I am so glad my grandkids have such great mothers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

Happy tax day to Mike and especially Laura. Has to be good to get your husband back, right? Also, just wanted to thank Matt and Dad for paying so much in income taxes that I get my refundable credits. Withholdings of $100 and a refund of $2800. Viva George W. Bush. Now I wish I hadn't have voted for Nader.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa in New Mexico

Grandma and Grandpa visited the Land of Enchantment last weekend. I am finally uploading the pictures to our computer. The first couple of days were spent watching conference and with me giving Bruce a high altitude ping pong lesson.

On Monday we decided to see some old pueblo indian and Spanish mission ruins in central New Mexico. The first were the Quarai ruins. The pueblo indians lived here from about 1400-1600 when a Spanish mission was then created to convert and save the indians. It took about 100 years for the Spaniards to use up all the resources and the indians either died of famine or war with the Apaches or left the area. The boys had a great time climbing all over the rocks and running through the mazes of ruins. We had a picnic at Quarai and got back in the van and headed to Abo. Abo is about 20 miles west of Quarai. Abo was the center of the Spanish missions in New Mexico in the 1600's. We walked through all the ruins again with grandpa trailing
along following the walking tour to a 't'. That night we decided to walk along the mighty Rio Grande. The boys (including the two older boys) couldn't resist throwing sticks into the river in hopes that they would meet the Gulf of Mexico and be found later by their cousins in Houston.

On Tuesday we woke up and travelled to Petroglyph National Monument so Grandpa and Grandma could see ancient graffiti. They had already seen it's modern form throughout the beautiful city of Albuquerque. All of the boys had a great timing climbing as high as they could and seeing petroglyphs that Stephanie and Grandma will never get to see. I would post on here what we saw but that would ruin the explorers secrets.

Finally, Bruce had to try a real green chile cheeseburger. One that wasn't cooked at a fair and wouldn't make 67% of its consumers violently ill the next day. We stopped at New Mexico's original Blake's Lotaburger for Lotaburgers with cheese and green chile's. Rumor has it later that evening there were screams in the Hunt bathrooms of "Fire in the Hole!" all through the night.
It was a real New Mexican experience for everyone. Thanks for coming down and having a good time with us lonely New Mexicans.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hunt Family Champ

Just wanted to make you all aware that the Hunt Family Champ paddle has been located and is currently resting in its rightful place in the Land of Enchantment. I was able to defeat the old man 18-7 in games over last weekend while ma and pa visited Green Chile land. Is the old man wearing down? Was it the altitude? Was it the performance enhancing substance (mid-game Mountain Dews)? Was it the lessons learned from local Tongans? Was it the clausterphobic garage venue? Was it the home court advantage? Whatever it was, I will be going into Golden Turkey IX with a renewed sense of vigor and determination. I hear some knees in Houston knocking.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Harley Momma

Well, I know a lot of you have heard the rumors, and I'm here to confirm that they are true. About 8 months ago I was on my way home from work on a Friday evening and Steph called me on my cell phone. She asked me if I would be willing to pick something up on the way home from work. Because I was running late getting home, as usual, and wanting to keep her happy, I told her that I would be happy to pick up anything that she needed. Her reply was, "Great. I need you to grab me a motorcycle on the way home." I was momentarily stunned and nearly lost control of the car. Wondering if I had heard her correctly, I replied, "Did you say a motorcycle?" To which she responded, "Yes, a motorcycle. I need something that I can go and do that will give me a break from the children." Surely she must have been joking. Most moms join a crafting club or start bunco. Little pink Stephanee on a motorcycle? It could never truly be. Maybe the kids really were driving her insane.

The next day she enrolled in the SLCC motorcycle safety course. "This must just be a crazy phase," I said to myself. "Surely it will last only a couple of weeks." The children and I even went to SLCC on one her class days to validate her story. We thought that she might simply be sneaking away to go and do something else every Saturday because surely Steph would not be riding motorcycles. Upon entering the SLCC parking lot, we discovered that Steph truly was riding motorcycles. "Well," I thought to myself, "this I'm sure this will end shortly. Steph really isn't the motorcycle type. I have been begging her to allow me to get a motorcycle for ages; to which she has always retorted, "over my dead body."" To my surprise, Steph graduated from motorcycle safety class with honors and now had the itch. Within two weeks she had bought a used 2005 Honda Rebel, which Mike Dawes was gracious enough to drive up from Utah County for her because she was not comfortable driving on the freeway. She would ride it every once in a while, but the chill in the late autumn air was starting to put a damper on her riding. So, at the advice of Ethan's friend's father, a motorcycle enthusiast, she decided to purchase a full set of leathers including jacket, boots, gloves and chaps. This allowed her to continue to ride in the cold. "Now she is really starting to lose it," I thought. But, she does look hot in those leathers I must add.

Shortly after the leather purchase, the craziest, snowiest winter in recent history hit and Jamal (Steph's black motorcycle) was garaged for the winter.

It took Steph 4 months to break the news to her parents, which she finally decided to do at Audree's birthday party. Her brother had seen the motorcycle in the garage, but thought we were storing it for a neighbor. (It couldn't be mine or Steph's). Her mother and father couldn't believe it. I thought we might have to call an ambulance to take her mother to the hospital. I guess Steph got the reaction she was looking for.

Over the winter, I began to question my manhood. Many neighbors taunted me and asked what it is like having to ride on the back of my wife's motorcycle. I even started doing dishes once in a while.

Then, I thought to myself, "she seems to be having a lot of fun with it." So, I decided it was time for me to take the SLCC class and get me a bike of my own. On the first day of class, the teacher asked everyone to introduce themselves and tell her why they had decided to take this class. Upon introducing myself I indicated that I was there because I was tired of riding on the back of my wife's motorcycle. The entire class erupted with laughter. The teacher, a woman who has been riding motorcycles for 40 years, asked me what it was like riding behind my wife on a motorcycle. In all of her years of riding, her husband has only sat back there once.

The most stressful thing for me in the class was wondering what it would be like to face my wife if I didn't pass the riding test at the end. Fortunately my manhood was saved and I was given a pass to ride. Many of my neighbors, some whom own motorcycles and others who don't, now consider me to be one of the luckiest men alive. First of all I have a wife that will let me ride a motorcycle. And, equally as important, I have a wife who enjoys riding them as well. Last Saturday, I purchased my own Yamaha V-Star 650, which actually looks like a bigger version of Steph's bike. We had our first biker date last Saturday. Here is a picture of our bikes in the Chili's parking lot. We are really looking forward to the warm weather so that we can get out and ride some more. We even sat up at the bar at the restaurant. After all, there was a 25 minute wait, the bar was open, and that is where bikers should be sitting anyway.

Mom is wondering when this midlife crisis will end.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The dangers of talking in church

The bishop and first counselor cornered me at the temple a couple weeks ago and squeezed out the information that we had never given a talk since moving to ABQ. To Steph's dismay we were assigned talks the following Sunday. Porter helped me write his talk and was so excited to give it that he got out of bed by himself for the first time since church was moved to 9 a.m. He practiced his talk at least a dozen times and couldn't wait. When we got to church I got stuck in the foyer talking to the young men while Steph walked into the chapel with the monkeys in tow. All of the sudden I heard a THUNK! and then a scream. The next thing I saw was Steph running out of the chapel holding Porter's face with blood squirting between her fingers. Porter had clipped a walker that a 95 year old woman uses and leaves in the aisle between pews. His fall was broken by his face hitting the corner of the pew. It knocked one tooth out that was already loose, and loosened another. He had a scrape from his forehead to his chin and a big fat lip. Stephanie got him calmed down in time to give her talk leaving me about 25 minutes for my 15 minute talk. Luckily, I had been trained for this in the mission and was able to draw out the story of Elijah and comparing temple work to the movie Hoosiers. Porter didn't give his talk that week, but was able to give it this week and did a great job (except the bishopric forgot to give him a stool so you could only see his alfalfa cowlick over the stand). Just remember, the next time you're assigned a talk that talking in church can be hazardous to your health (and your face).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

In the land of snow

It has been a year of snow here in SLC. We have seen more snow this year than any year that I can remember in the recent past. That has meant a lot of shoveling and having to get Steph out of bed on two occassions this year to help me get the BMW unstuck out of a snowbank at the bottom of the driveway. But, instead of only cursing the snow this year, we have decided to make good use of it and enjoy it. We recently took the whole family sledding at West Ridge golf course and learned that the boys have no fear.

Attached is my favorite shot of the day, which was Ethan's back filp on his purple plastic saucer. Amazingly, he actually landed this flip and continued all the way down the hill to the driving range (a good 200 yards).

We had a great time. Even Madison got in a couple of runs before she realized that sledding was a bit too scary for an 18-month old.

In addition to sledding, Steph, Matt and the boys have all taken up snowboarding. We each took lessons and Brighton and are now working on perfecting our technique. It is amazing how much more quickly kids learn new things than their parents. Matt and Steph can't keep up with the boys. And the boys never seem to hurt the next day. It must have something to do with the fact that when you are only 3 feet tall it isn't as far to fall when you land on your rear end, which is something that you do quite often when you are learning to snowboard.

However, as much as we are enjoying the snow, we are all really looking forward to spring and the opportunity to ride our motorcycles. We will tell you all a little bit more about that next time, but here is a little picture to peak your interest. Yes, that is Steph on a motorcycle.