Sunday, July 6, 2008

Babies first steps

Last year we were wondering if Texas even celebrated the 4th of July. We had spent almost the entire month of July between Oregon and Utah so we really didn't know. We just figured they celebrated Texas Independence Day. Well, we found out that they do with a serious bang.

I was put in charge of fireworks just to make sure we didn't end up with a bunch of flowers and smoke bombs. During last year's New Years Eve celebration in our neighborhood, we found out that not only are all fireworks legal in Texas, but they are also encouraged. The trick is to not go to Walmart or Kroger for the fireworks because they only sell sparklers and snaps. I went to one of the big firework stands to make sure I got the best. Needless to say I spent my allotted $20 in cash and then some by buying several large bottle rockets, roman candles, and a big ol' round thing that shot off 96 shots into the air (good thing the guy didn't give me a receipt so Diane will never know how much that one cost).

We were invited over to a friends house (the Cole's) and had barbecue and fireworks. It was a fun time lighting them off. It was even more fun given that the Cole's neighbors probably spent a great deal more on their fireworks since they had a better firework show than most cities put on in the Salt Lake valley. The kids all enjoyed the loud and bright fireworks, except for Emma who is deathly afraid of them. She spent the whole time cowering in the house trying to cover her ears so she couldn't hear them.

This past week, James also made the transition from baby to toddler by taking his first real steps. He is walking now and can put together enough steps in a row to walk from one side of a room to another. Here is a video of some of his first steps.

And here are a couple more pictures from our 4th of July celebration.

Now hopefully Rhett (aka Grandpa Hunt) will get off my back for not posting to the family blog.

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