Sunday, June 29, 2008

Apple Pie and Baseball

Well, just baseball. Every night this summer the boys beg me to go in the backyard and pitch to them. Andrew got a big red pat and some wiffle balls for his birthday, but so far he has not been allowed to play with them as his older brothers have taken control of them. Andrew instead walks around with a mitt and as many balls as he can accumulate and guards them very diligently. Once he has a ball he will not let it go.
I usually have to scale the wall in the backyard about 6 times a night after they hit the balls into the street. They are both getting really good which is making the trips more frequent. I am trying to teach them not to pull the balls mainly because when they do it increases the chances of me having to climb the wall. My 32 year old knees are ready to pop. I am just glad we stopped playing soccer. I don't want my boys to be playing socialist sports. It's all capitalism for the Hunt family even this close to Mexico.
Here are some pictures of the sluggers:

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