Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gorge Pictures

Finally, I am posting pictures. Enjoy.

Grandma and Audree helping set up camp

Zachary's favorite waverunner. We got it up to 50 mph and did some nice donuts.
Boozer at the Red Canyon Lodge woofing down a Lunker
Had to throw one of these in just to make Heffer jealous. I now know that the fatter you get the bigger the spray.

This tree was hit by lightning. Zachary was re-enacting the moment.

This is the view from the Red Canyon overlook. If you look closely you can see the boat and the two jetskiis. If you really look closely you can see that Chubbs is riding the wakeboard.

Dieter in the Dawes hammock which was the toy of choice for all the kids.

The two water-monkeys.

Jaxon's first wakeboarding adventure.

Chubbs asked "Did I get any air?" after this run.

A happy grandma with 3 of her crew.

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