Sunday, June 29, 2008

Apple Pie and Baseball

Well, just baseball. Every night this summer the boys beg me to go in the backyard and pitch to them. Andrew got a big red pat and some wiffle balls for his birthday, but so far he has not been allowed to play with them as his older brothers have taken control of them. Andrew instead walks around with a mitt and as many balls as he can accumulate and guards them very diligently. Once he has a ball he will not let it go.
I usually have to scale the wall in the backyard about 6 times a night after they hit the balls into the street. They are both getting really good which is making the trips more frequent. I am trying to teach them not to pull the balls mainly because when they do it increases the chances of me having to climb the wall. My 32 year old knees are ready to pop. I am just glad we stopped playing soccer. I don't want my boys to be playing socialist sports. It's all capitalism for the Hunt family even this close to Mexico.
Here are some pictures of the sluggers:

Golden Turkey VIII

The time is approaching for the 8th annual Golden Turkey tournament. The format may be a little difficult this year. Any suggestions? I'm looking for cheap flights with my Southwest 'ding' alerts but so far I am being shut out. I'm not sure what else we could do except cut the tournament into a couple of mini-tourneys and just hope it doesn't end up being Heffer and myself. If it was we could meet in Lubbock, TX and find a table in a dorm room at Texas Tech and play for the championship. That is unless Bobby Knight showed up and turned the table over.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Summer

Even though none of y'all (tribute to the Texan Hunts) have decided to post I figure I should at least post some pictures for grandma. So far it has been a lazy summer for us. We spent the first week in L.A. for Melissa's wedding. We went to a Dodger game and sat in the free food section. I discovered that putting salsa and jalapenos on a Dodgerdog made them much tastier. In fact, I had to go back for seconds and thirds along with downing an order of nachos with jalapenos, a bag of peanuts, a bag of popcorn and probably 4 beverages. Steph and I also went to a musical called "Wicked" which is a spin off of the Wizard of Oz. Steph seems to think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread so I thought it should be good. I wasn't disappointed, but I don't think I was excited as her.

The weekend after returning the boys and I went on the fathers and sons campout in southern New Mexico. We had a great time. This ward is notorious for packing up first thing in the morning which to us defeats the purpose of camping so we took a wiffle ball set and got some of the fathers and sons to play. It kept them there for a couple hours, but that wasn't long enough for us. Actually, Steph had mandated that we not be back before 5:00 so we had to kill 3 hours by ourselves. Luckily, the young men's president and his two boys stayed too so the boys hit each other with sticks, climbed mountains and jumped in fire pits for a couple hours.

We are anticipating our trip to the Gorge so we have called off other trips until then. Now we are just trying to make it through the summer. Steph takes the boys to free lunch at the park (thank you Bill Richardson for your socialist programs) and to free movies a couple times a week. Steph has also mandated a 30 minute a day reading rule (as pictured) before the boys can play video games. At night it's so nice outside that after dinner we all go out and Steph waters the garden while the boys play baseball. I have to hop the wall in our backyard at least 6 times a night to retrieve balls. It will be worth it when the boys can make A-Rod type money.
That's our lazy summer so far. I guess it's not too lazy since we already have a quick trip to Arizona followed by a trip to Salt Lake planned. After that I have fiscal year end to deal with while Port will be preparing for 1st grade. We still have trips to Bandelier, White Sands, Gila, and Carlsbad that we need to complete in the fall before we leave the Land of Enchantment for good.